25 January 2011

A Lot About Nothin

I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments I received yesterday. It was kinda a last minute picture since I had promised you all some progress pictures. A face shot was all I got to. The pictures I had taken over the weekend didn't turn out like I had wanted so I will try for better ones over the rest of the week for full body. I feel the rest of my body has not taken to this weight loss as full force as my face has :) There is not much going on in my life at the moment. We are just trying to take care of taxes and and save for a trip to Oregon in late May or early June to see the hubby's half of the family. Also saving of course for our wonderful Virgin Islands vacations next winter. Last night the hubs and I were able to video chat on his IPod. We talked to his sister for a while and got to say hi to his grandparents. I love technology sometimes. It lets us stay so much better connected if we choose. His mom is very close to all of the kids and we haven't seen her in about a year so I think his sister might surprise her with a video chat with us. It will be really nice for her and for the hubs. Plus our nephew (who idolises my husband) will get a chance to say hi to him too. I didn't get a chance to work out yesterday, I was so bloated it was painful most of the day. Every time I took a step my lower abdomen would yell at me to lay back down. I ended up laying in bed most of the night and chatting on facebook or playing my Sims game. I had planned to start working out everyday this week but I guess my stomach had different plans. Oh well I guess I will start today instead. I will be starting with my personal trainer next week. I'm kinda nervous to be getting my butt kicked again. Looking forward to it :) My weight has been staying at 315 or so. I have started to log my food more, like I should have been doing from the beginning. I am aiming to be about 35 more pounds down before we go to Oregon. So I will be working my butt off for that day. That side of the family has never really seen me very thin. I can't wait to show myself off!

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  1. Where will you be in Oregon? I live in Eugene. Let's get together! Email me amandakiska@yahoo.com