21 January 2011

Still NO Restriction :(

So I went and got my fill yesterday. He put in the 1cc that I wanted, which is great! I have no restriction though still. I came home after and ate a pita pizza with chicken, mushrooms and onions on it and had no problem getting it down. Admittedly I took my time and ate it in about 25mins, but I wasn't full. I mean I wasn't hungry but I would have been able to eat more if I wanted to. So at 4.5cc I feel no restriction. I am sure that I will have to keep chewing properly because food will get stuck easier but other than that it is all very disheartening. This seems like a good amount of fill with no change in anything. I know the band is on there properly because of the almost PB thing a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that I will be one of those lucky people that wake up one morning and for some reason the band will have gotten tighter and I have good restriction. This has been on mind ever time I eat and I kept forgetting to ask you all. Before the band being full meant not just being satisfied but that you didn't want to eat anything else. I could feel that my belly was full both mentally and physically. How do you know when your full with the band? I haven't eaten enough to get to that point yet and I was wondering if it is a different feeling. I am assuming it might be and I just don't understand the feeling yet. Any input?


  1. First of all, I am one of those people who have delayed reactions to fills. My last fill didn't kick in for a good 10 days and then all of a sudden, I had serious restriction. As far as full goes. I don't feel full like I used to, but I feel satisfied. Sometimes, I may only feel satisfied for 2 hours, depending on what I ate, but sometimes that feelling of satiety last for 3 or 4 hours. I used to abuse my feelings of satisfaction so, it was skewed. I didn't feel like I was satisfied unless I was so full that I was uncomfortable. Now things are different, but I still do feel quite satisfied on a very small amount of food.

  2. I agree with tessie - it can take a few days for the fill to really hit you. Mine never hit right away. I used to be the same like "What is going on" but then about three to four days later (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) it would all of the sudden kick in. Give it time and learn to listen to your body. Some days you'll be able to eat the entire sandwich but then think about what you WOULD have ate instead. I guarantee it's more than the pita. :)

  3. I was going to say exactly what Tessie said, it might just hit you. It's really disheartening, but you will get there, it might take another fill or 2, keep going!