24 January 2011

It's Award Time

Good morning all of blog land. I would like to thank the academy and my agent Gustave for this marvelous award....? Any way I do really want to thank Ronnie for this wonderful award. She has been a great support through this process for me since we were banded so close together.
The rules for this award are to name 5 guilty pleasures and then give this award to 3 other bloggers. So here it goes: 1. Romantic Novels: I don't read them very often but it's not long before I am sucked into another book with a half naked man on the front.
2. Shopping: If I had all the money in the world I would shop till my feet fell off. I love having something different to ware all the time. (especially now that I am shrinking)
3.Getting My Hair Cut: I love going to the salon and having someone wash my hair and make me feel beautiful. It feels so good! 4. Chocolate: I think this is on every woman's list at some point or another. Give me a good piece of chocolate and it can make my whole day better! 5. Dates: I love going on dates with the hubby. We hang out at the house all the time, but when we go on a nice date and have a couple of drinks and just talk and be us there is no better time to be had.
My picks for this award are:
1. Grace from Grace's Fat Chance: She has come so far and she is a great person to look up to in this journey. 2. Amanda from Amanda's Waning: I know you already have the award ;) She has provided wonderful feedback throughout my short time as a bandster and been a great inspiration.
This last one is going to be a general: 3. Anyone who live in Oregon! Just because I have to give all the Oregonian a shout out because no matter what aspect of life you all just seem to find me. :)


  1. Thank you, hun!!! You are so sweet :)

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate you thinking of me. It really helps my own recovery to know that I've impacted others.

    Hey! I'm an Oregonian too! What's that about? Maybe you're meant to come pay me a visit! Joia is coming in June. Think about it ~ LOL!

  3. I married an oregonian and since then they just keep finding us! we have about 10 friends on base here that are from oregon. We are supposed to be going out around the end of may. I will have to run it by the hubby :)

  4. Love! Great guilty pleasures. Good seeing a little more into the life of Shannon. :)