19 July 2011

Be Good To Yourself

I have noticed a very overwhelming theme through blog land since I have been back. It's not a good one either. The majority of us bandsters have lost a ton of weight already, we are working out 4, 5 and even 6 days a week if not every day! Why is it that no one seems to realise just how much they are doing. Alot of you don't seem to be giving yourself enough credit. For all that you have done for yourself to get this far, lets not beat ourselves up for having that 1 piece of chocolate or not making 1 day of working out. Love yourself and what you have accomplished thus far. It make me sad to see everyone so hard on yourself. I know I'm not a saint in this matter but we all need work.

So yesterday at work we had no air conditioning and it was in the 90's and one of the hottest days of the summer thus far with so much humidity that I was sweating just sitting still! That sucked running around and dealing with patients all day. The air is wonderfully fixed and back on today!

After work I went to the gym and pro ceded to drip with sweat during my warm up and then my session with my trainer. My small towel I bring with me was damp all the way through. My trainer had me do bur pies (start in the standing position, kneel, kick out your legs and do a push up, kneel, then jump up with your arms over your head), push-up, dips (your legs out in front of you and your arms on a bench behind you, kinda a reverse push-up) and then pull-ups. Each of these were done 10 times in a row and that whole thing was 1 set! I did that twice in a row and that was only the beginning! I told him, he is very nice but he's a little evil.

Later I went and got my nails did, my toes were starting to hurt. It was time. I got the new crackle nails polish on my finger nails and I love it! I didn't do the whole nail just the tips. Here's a picture of them.

I plan on going to the gym again tonight, no trainer till tomorrow though. I also have to make some cookie dough for class on Thursday since its the last night and we are watching a movie and having a pizza party. The cookies are my way of getting out of paying for pizza that I'm not going to eat. I am bringing some of my high protein chili. Although I would love, love, love some pizza! not going to happen. We are going on a cruise in November and I want to lose 30lbs before then.

Well that's all for today. This post turned out to much longer then I planned it to be.
Happy Tuesday all :)


  1. I LOVE the crackle nails look! I've been thinking about getting me some of that polish. :)

    And you're absolutely right about people not giving themselves enough credit... just like we talked about the other day. I almost just want to disappear for a while rather than read all of the negativity some people are experiencing. :(

    Great job making plans to avoid the pizza - you can do it!

  2. The nails look great. I agree that we are really hard on ourselves. Great post and reminder.