12 July 2011


I'm going to break down where myself and phylis(my band) stand right now. About a week ago I was in the ER, having vomited about 7 times with things progressing toward another orifice.(sorry) I know I probably had a virus that led to my demise but the trigger for my stomach was a PB early in the day. I have strayed off the path of a good bandster. While like I have said I have not gained, I have not lost either. I have eaten around my band and eaten things that will get stuck. I have PB more in the last 2 months then I would like to admit. Phylis wants to work I just haven't been letting her. Back to the vomiting. After that whole deal I have been getting headaches, no matter how hydrated I am and I get pain on and off right in the band area that takes my breath away. My surgeon said it sounds like acid reflux, has anyone else heard off acid reflux feeling just like a regular nasty pain?


  1. Yeah, I used to have that sometimes when I was pregnant. I would think about an unfill if it's acid reflux, that doesn't sound right. :(

  2. I agree that you should consider an un-fill. I have had two really horrible bouts with acid reflux and both times I had unusual pain. I've also had vomiting due to being too tight and pain along with that as well. When the band swelling gets so bad you can't keep anything down and you are in pain, an un-fill is that way to go for sure.

  3. Your pics document your great progress...keep it up...Thank you for your sweet posts.