07 July 2011

Hello Stranger's

I feel like I have been gone so long I lost my street cred.

First I want to know how everyone has been doing? Just drop me a couple lines in the comment section. nothing major. I will try to catch up on everyone when I get a moment.

Whats going on in my life? Well a whole lot of nothing actually. I haven't seen my surgeon since about march, I haven't sincerely blogged since I think May, I haven't really been working out at all. for a good long while. In short I haven't lost a single pound (or gained) since my last post. Life has been really good though. I am spending alot of time with my husband and our furry little babies. We went on vacation to visit the family. We celebrated 6yrs of marriage, my hubby's 25th birthday, the fourth of July, a wonderful memorial day, spending time with friends, threw a baby shower, going to school a couple nights a week, going camping this weekend and celebrating my 25th birthday on the 16th. That's quite the mouthful. I am really having a good time and learning alot about myself in the process. Now that the year is going by so quickly though I am starting to focus back on my weight. The summer activities for us are still going to continue but I have to get back to the gym so I can catch up with all you wonderful ladies and gentlemen out there. I am going to regain touch with my peeps because you are all the inspiration that I needed to get to this point.

I have to admit there were a couple of times this past week that I thought to myself how much I missed you guys and that I had something I wanted to share with you all. I am sorry for the long lapse but I am back this time and I will try to post 5 days a week like I was way back forever ago, but be gentle with me while I get back into the swing of things. I will start back tomorrow doing my freaky Friday picture op. where I post a picture of myself un-posed for the world to see and gnaw on. Until tomorrow my lovelies.


  1. Glad to see your post. I was just thinking about you the other day; actually stopped by to see if I'd missed a post or something, lol.

    I'm doing okay. Dealing with a major ankle injury here... but muddling through. :)

  2. Ankle injuries suck! I hope it heals up quickly.

  3. I knew you'd miss it sooner or later! :)

    Be excited for BOOBS, only 84 days away! (...who's counting?)

  4. I am excited! I am going to drive down to the city to see you guys! I can't wait to meet everyone in person!

  5. I'm glad you are back!!! :-)

  6. Happy birthday just a few days late! Hope 25 is as wonderful for you as it was for me!!