13 July 2011

Bullets Baby

  • I am very tired this morning. We didn't stay up to late but we went through the stress of buying a car.
  • My cousin got engaged last night. She didn't tell her mom before she blasted it all over facebook. I can't really say to much though because my family didn't know till the day after I got married. At least it's just the engagement part.
  • My cat is sick. Nasty poops by the litter box this morning. I think he might be in for a vet visit today. Also my dog had a weird poop too. I hate when my babies are sick! I feel so helpless.
  • I didn't go to the gym last night like I planned because the hubby wanted to go "look" at cars. I am going tonight though. I am very sore from Monday's workout with the John (trainer). I see him again on Friday.
  • I PB'd my first couple bites of a smart one's breakfast sandwich this morning, at work. Thankfully the lady I work with knows about my band and was understanding and covered a little for me. 
  • So far the scale is going down. Starting with today I am going to do Weigh-In Wednesdays. I came in at 289.9 this morning in the buff. I am not going to change my ticker to reflect that because I only have about 2lbs till it's accurate again. 
  • Work has been interesting this week. We had a massive storm on Monday morning that knocked out the power. People have been without power since and are living in hotels. Alot of businesses are closed right around us with no power but my work is open. Go Navy! 
  • I was thinking about a small fill but after getting some feed back from some lovely ladies yesterday I think I will hold off on that for a while. Especially with the PB this morning.
Well have a great hump day everyone (don't hump to much).


  1. Too much poop and puke talk today. LOL

    Hope the babies get to feeling better soon, nothing worse than a sick fur child. :(

  2. Heh...what Ronnie said. Glad things seem to be going mostly in the right direction!!