24 July 2011

Happy Sunday

I snuck on the scale yesterday and guess what I saw!

Lowest weight yet!

I guess the pizza wasn't all that damaging after all! Then after the scale I proceed to go to the movies and have ice cream and egg rolls. weird combo right? Then chicken legs and potatoes for dinner. After that I made cookies because I want the hubs to take them to work on Monday, I had about 6 over 3 hours. And since I was up at 1am I made myself a pita pizza. Such a yummy day of eating :) I am not stepping on that scale again till Wednesday Weigh-In. 
I wonder if I see the low weights and thing to myself subconsciousness, "self, you can eat bad and still lose weight. go for it!" oh well. It means my working out has been working. If I stick to my 1200cal diet I will get my 30lbs off by Nov. 6th.
This is not a set back, it just means it's time to go get on the bicycles and ride for a couple of miles. 
Until tomorrow friends :)


  1. You can totally do it if you stick to the 1200 daily diet!

  2. back in the beginning I use to justify the same kind of eating because the weight came off regardless. I can no longer do it. Don't beat yourself up over it. You enjoyed it, now move on! Congrats on the new low!