26 July 2011

So So So Tired

Yesterday I had so much energy! I was moving all day long and was getting a little sweat on at work we were so busy. Then I went to the gym and worked my butt off! My trainer started this new program with me called Body of F.I.R.E. by Chad Waterbury. He said he pulled from the advanced section of the book! Holy crap those workouts are hard! I recommend looking into it if your looking for a good program. I can feel my butt muscles yelling at me for the workout yesterday. I can't remember who posted about the oober sweating yesterday but I was dripping by the end! 30 burpies (with mountain climbers in the middle) 30 jumping jacks, 30 pull-ups, 30 dips, 50 squats with weights and planks. I hate planks! Don't you hate planks? They hurt. I know what my trainer has me doing is helping so much though.

Then I went home took a shower and read my book all night till hubby got home from taking his final.

Today I am dragging. I am exhausted! I don't if it's because I have been doing a ton of paper work today or just because the workout drained me. I do know that I will barely be able to keep my eyes open at the hubs softball game tonight. I think right after I will be going to bed tonight.


  1. I'm not exactly sure what a burpie is - but it sounds like you got your burn on yesterday! Great job, Miss Shannon. :) I'm about to get my workout on as we speak!

  2. I was the ubersweater! LOL. Sounds like a great workout! I wish I could afford a personal trainer...I think it would really help kick my butt into gear. Hang in there and sleep well tonight!

  3. Awesome job with the work out. I'm Starting to feel lazy not doing anything.

  4. Sounds like a great workout. I bet you are tired today because you are doing paperwork instead of being up and around. I am sitting at my desk and I can almost feel my a$$ growing.