22 July 2011

Murder for Hire? (nothing to do with lap band)

The title says it all! I need a murderer for hire. The subject? weighing in at approximately 6.5lbs, white with tan spots and a long white tail. Yes folks I'm talking about my cat. I no longer know what to do with him. He is 10 months old with an appointment to get his danglely things chopped off next week.  He was peeing in my bathroom sinks, so we shut the doors to all the bathrooms. He has damaged 3 of the blinds in my house, we flicked his nose. He meows like a demon psycho for hell has possessed him all night long and keeps us awake, so we lock him out of the bedroom and spray him with water. He started clawing the walls, so we spray him with water. Then this week it has all been elevated...he took a leak on the couch right next to me one morning before work! Then this morning, 30 mins before my alarm is supposed to go off, he pisses on my freaking bed!!! He shares 2 liter boxes with 1 other cat. They are both kept clean. He is well fed and we try to give him as much attention as we can. I don't know what to do with him. Plus with baby on the brain, I don't need a cat who is going to pee on everything around an infant. does anyone have any words of wisdom on how to kill this cat how to fix this problem? I have never believed that you should get a pet if you will ever have the intention of possibly getting rid of it. It pains me to even think about it like that, I love my animals as if they were real children. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am hoping getting his danglely things chopped off next week will help but if not, I don't know what we will do. I have this little creature that I have almost no emotion for anymore except loathing and remorse for bringing him home living in my house. It makes me feel like a terrible person. I want to just love him, but he is nothing like any other cat I have ever had before. I need help...


  1. No advice really but I have head that once they get fixed it helps! Good luck! I do feel your pain!

  2. I wish I had some good advice for ya, but I've never owned a cat. Hopefully chopping the nads off does some good... if not, maybe find someone who can train him?

  3. I have worked professionally with animals and would say that having him neutered is likely going to help a great deal. It is possible that since he's reached his sexual maturity, he is going a little crazy trying to get to a female. He also may not want to share his box with another cat for the same reason. Ideally male cats should be neutered around 5-6 months, BEFORE they hit this phase.

    There is a chance that some of these behaviors have become habits and the surgery won't change them. I don't want to discourage you because you sound really frustrated, but some cats have anti-social behaviors. If they do not stop, the first step is to get him his own litter box. I'd keep him out of the bedrooms until this works out so he doesn't go on the furniture. He also needs TONS of exercise. He is young and energetic and needs stimulation to avoid negative behaviors. Get a laser pointer toy to give him something to chase around and keep other toys around too. Make sure he exercises frequently through the day.

    Make sure you clean the pee REALLY thoroughly. If he can smell it, he may go there again. Have it done professionally if you can or go buy something designed to remove pet odor. Don't use products with ammonia since that is the base of urine and can attract them back to that spot. You might give him a small treat on a towel on the couch in that same spot since cats won't go where they eat.

    I know you're frustrated with him (who can blame you). Most of this stuff is very trainable! Email me if you need more help amandakiska@yahoo.com