14 July 2011


Today has been relatively busy at work. I spent most of it in a 15' by 8' room searching through medical records. A boring day.

I plan on going for a quick bike ride today after work so I can get a little activity in before class tonight. I think 2 times around the neighborhood should do the trick. That's a couple of miles.

I have a 5 hour English comp 2 class tonight. Only 1 more week of the semester after tonight. So happy about that. I am only 5 classes away from getting my associates degree in general studies. 2-3 semesters worth depending on how I space my classes out. We have a couple of small trips coming up and I don't know if I want to load myself down with 3 classes in one semester. If I do though I can graduate before we transfer in the spring. Time will tell.

My hubby has 2 softball games tonight that I can't go to. I would feel bad but they suck. I know that sounds horrible but it's no fun going to watch a team that always loses. He is good though which sucks for him alot.

I hope you all had a good Thursday. Until next time :)


  1. LOL - I love going to games, the guys I go watch always get rowdy about everything. Super silly.

    I would say take as many classes as you're comfortable taking! If three is too many, no big deal. There's always summer. :)

  2. Ya bike ride! I should probably do the same....but somehow I imagine it won't happen. I need your motivation!