25 July 2011

Cinnamon for Metabolism

I was in the grocery store on Saturday getting food for lunches this week when I ran in to my least and most favorite isle. The supplement isle. Watch the pounds drop with... insert whatever pill you've tried here ...and you will be amazed!false hopes and tragedy all reside in the same isle. Well I saw a bottle of cinnamon pills that claim 'Helps support sugar and fat metabolism', why not. So I get home and do some research after buying and found allot of good stuff on it. You can check out an article on it here. It is supposed to help with insulin levels between meal times so you don't get cravings as much. Insulin being a key factor in craving sweets. I like this supplement because diabetes runs in my family and anything that I can do to help prevent it along with my weight-loss is a good thing for me.

Any who, it's Monday and work and gym are on the menu today. Hope you all have a great day.

Does anyone else find the remaining balance on there ticker to be a little overwhelming? I know I have lost almost half my weight but 85lbs still seems so daunting at time. At least it's not 150lbs still :)


  1. I get overwhelmed alot with the fact that I still have to lose another 50-ish lbs... but we can do it!

  2. Hi Shannon- New Follower here. BOOBS sent me over.
    Try to focus on all you have lost instead of how much further you have to go.

  3. I am going to check out the cinnamon stuff. I don't get overwhelmed with my ticker but I do get overwhelmed with my spreadsheet. I made the mistake of setting up goals with dates on my spreadsheet before I had the surgery to help motivate but I am a bit behind since I don't seem to lose at a fast pace. I need to go in and delete them.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    It's not so much the distance on my ticker...it's the lack of movement lately that's driving me crazy!

    I've heard cinnamon can work wonders. I prefer to just add it to my cooking as opposed to supplements but that's mostly because I'm really bad about remembering to take pills.