01 February 2011

Phat Snow Hiccups

We are expecting a huge storm today and tomorrow. It has been said by the nation weather service that the storm is potentially life threatening. My work is shutting down the building for general services but some of the military staff are staying over night to make sure that the kids at boot camp get taken care of. The rest of the base is essential employees only. I guess we are in for a whiteout. The snow here began yesterday afternoon and there was about 2 inches on the roads this morning on the way to work and it was still snowing. Have I told you all how much I hate this state yet? Well I really hate this state, not only because of the snow but that is a huge factor right now. I will go into that at another time I guess. In all we are stocking up on essential non cook food, in case the power goes out and I already own stock in candles so we are good in that department :P I want to thank all of you for your comments on my mini goal yesterday. It really means allot to me to have you all cheer me on and be happy for me. This brings me to an issue I have read on others blogs...Why do people discount my weight loss just because I have a band. I don't have good restriction yet. I still get hungry all the time. I am only eating 1200cals a day. I still have to work out 5-6 days a week. I make healthy choices everyday. I might slip up from time to time but I go right back to plan. I am still putting my heart and soul into this. My husband who is a computer nerd tells me I have cheat codes! I know he is proud of me for putting allot of work into it but even my hubby, who has watched me struggle to get this far plays down my loss. It is so frustrating! Just because I had weight loss surgery doesn't mean my weight loss is guaranteed. Why is it that people don't get this? In the scheme of things it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks but it makes you just want to scream. Hiccups....ugg. I get them after every meal I eat that I eat to fast. So almost all of them at this point. Does anyone else have this nifty little issue? I joke that its a good thing so in case I ever try to eat food to fast to try and hide it my hubs will be able to tell. I will start hiccuping right up the stairs. lol or at dinner at a restaurant. Well weather permitting I will try and post tomorrow if we have power. For everyone else that lives in the general area good luck and hold on tight :)


  1. The first part of your post made me laugh. I've been complaining that we never get any snow here in Ann Arbor which is why I have a bad attitude towards MI :P I love crippling snow storms haha...can't wait to move back to the east coast in a couple of years. I'll trade with you :P

    Re: people discounting weight loss because you had WLS: I can say for me, this has been THE hardest weightloss attempt I've ever made, and I've never worked so hard in my life for each and every pound. When people say that I just roll my eyes and move on. I won't entertain ignorance - there are more important things that (both you and) I could be doing.

    And I also get hiccups, but it usually happens when I'm stuck. But I think a lot of folks with the band get hiccups as a stop signal.

    Good luck with the impending storm!!!

  2. EFF EVERYONE WHO SAYS THAT CRAP! I've had about three different people tell me I was cheating, that I'm taking the "easy way out," and I have to say, there is NOTHING easy about my decision. Most people don't have to have surgical intervention to get their weight under control! I did. I'm not going to be ashamed of that. One of my friends actually asked me if I was going to have my band removed once I hit my goal weight. Umm, why would I do that? Oy. Sorry, I'm making this about me. lol I just know what you mean, girl.

    And I second Violinist's comment, that usually signals to me if I even TRY to have another bite it will be Overfilled Town and/or Stuck City. I've been eating alot faster that I should be lately. :(

    I hope you guys stay warm and safe! Let us know as soon as you can!!

  3. shannon my parents live up by moline/rock island and my dad told me about what you all are supposed to be getting - he said it's the worst winter storm since the 70's! Be careful and stay warm!!

  4. Hi Shannon,
    I live in MA and we are so up to our eyeballs with snow. I am fed up looking at it!
    As for what everyone else says..It should only mater what "YOU" think and say! No matter what this band does not just melt the pounds off of us! We still have to put in the hard work and effort! WE know that. Screw everyone else! :)

  5. Weight loss is weight loss regardless of how you go about it. Congratulations on your loss. I'm pulling for you 100%.

  6. I think all that snow sounds cool and exciting! We hardly ever get more than a dusting here in Oregon. It is cold now - lows in the 20's, but sunny and clear so no chance of snow! I've been through huge wind storms and flooding and always thought the extreme weather was kind of exciting.

    Any ways...I get hiccups too. I have a sure-fire cure which is to take a big drink or water and hold it in my mouth. Then plug my ears and swallow slowly while my ears are plugged. It works every time. It works for my kids too although they can swallow quickly since they don't have lap-bands.

    I don't know why people perceive weight loss post WLS as cheating. Statistically the odds of losing all the weight and keeping it off for one year using conventional means are about 3%. So it is essentially impossible (or at least improbable) to lose weight and keep it off without surgery. I encourage people to look at it as a tool. Ask your husband if he considers driving a car (as opposed to walking or riding a horse) from point A to point B as using "cheat codes" or if it is just the most efficent way to travel. You also might want to tell him outright to stop saying that because it cheapens all the hard work you've done. Even if he doesn't agree or understand, he should be willing to make the change if it bothers you.

  7. It's a blizzard here too - snow day for me! You stay warm!

  8. heyyy I get hiccups too lol I think its kinda funny like something u would see on a cartoon, person eats too much and "hiccup" lolol
    anyways stay warm and safe through the storm :)