03 February 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!

I have started drinking 2 of these bottle refilled every day for my 64 oz daily challenge. How do you drink your 64 oz?
No No No, it's not the weekend yet :)


  1. I have been SO bad about drinking lately, I haven't gotten it in before 10:00 pm any day! I know I could just drink like 2/3 of a cup every hour for about 12 hours, but it's like there's a mental block coming up telling me NOT to drink. I don't understand why. Oh well. I get it done, so that's the important thing, right?

  2. On non-gym days, I usually drink it in three sittings... 3+3+2. I've been so bad about it... not finishing until after midnight & then in the bathroom half the night, lol. Oh well... at least I'm getting it down. :)