14 February 2011

Weekend Fun and Faux Reese's Cup

My early valentines surprise was a success. I took hubby to Medieval Times. It was so much fun. The tickets we had bought got oversold so we were upgraded to the front row and given free drinks, program, team banner and DVD. The staff was awesome! Needless to say we got a little snockered. I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 310.4. I know this is from being bloated and starting my weight training hard core this last week. Right now I am focusing on how my pants fit when I take them out of the dryer and put them on. I had the best moment this weekend too. My husband gave me a hug and said "I can reach farther around you" and hugged me harder. I asked him to show me about much bigger I was before and it was quite the loose grip. So I asked him to hug me again, it was a great moment :) Last week the hubby had snuck into the house a tub of cookie dough. He had hide it from me until this weekend. DH has been trying to loose a few pounds along with me. When I found that tub I threw it in the trash. He wasn't to happy about but I made him a snack to compensate. Faux Peanut Butter Cups!! I will give you all the recipe. 1 cup cool whip free 4tbsp PB2 salt to taste 2 packets truvia Low fat or fat free chocolate syrup Cupcake pan foil cupcake liners reconstitute 2tbsp of the PB2 according to package directions. Mix reconstituted PB2 and cool whip together. Add the rest of your PB2 (do not reconstitute before adding), salt and truvia. Combine until mix is smooth. Put your liners into the cupcake pan and distribute PB2 and cool whip mix into 6 cups. After you put your filling into your cups just bang your cupcake pan on the counter a couple of times to make sure the mix is level. Take your chocolate syrup and pour into each liner just enough to cover the top of your mix completely. Put these into the freezer for a couple of hours then enjoy! These things are so yummy! They are only 50-60 calories each depending on how much chocolate syrup you use. Compared to the real thing which is 210 calories a serving. These melt relatively fast so if your going to take them out of the freezer your going to want to eat them right away. Also if you want them sweeter a good substitute for whip cream is marshmallow fluff. a little higher in sugar content but no calories. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do :)


  1. I've made those faux peanut butter cups before and they are SO YUMMY. Mmmm. In fact, I may have to make them this weekend.

  2. Glad you had fun, and that recipe sounds AWESOME. I might have to try it! :D

  3. Don't you just love those NSV's? And getting them from hubby is even more special!

  4. Now we're talking!
    Love PB2!
    Wow - that song is sultry!