25 February 2011

Oh Puff n' Stuff...BYOC

I want to thank everyone who commented on my post from yesterday. It was quite the interesting day. I ended the day with chili and cupcakes. The chili is a Biggest Loser recipe I found a while ago that my husband and I just love! Very filling and only about 160cals per serving. I add a scoop of unflavored protein powder to it just to kick it up a bit, even though it already has a ton of protein in it anyway. I made the cupcakes for a friend. She is having a candle party on Saturday so I am bringing them to that. I know she will love them. (side note: She and her hubby just found out they were preggo after trying for just over a year. So excited for them)

Overall not to much going on this morning. Another busy day at work, with me stealing a few minutes to post and eat some oatmeal. My restriction is doing great! I still get hungry before I should sometimes but really only when I start drinking water to soon after I eat. I don't know how some people with good restriction can drink with there meals. I physically can't or I will get stuck. It feels like everything trys to get forced down through the opening and it hurts allot. I sit there and I slime and spit allot and be very ladylike in the process. Such a wonderful part of having the band.
I am very sore today. I am going to take it easy this afternoon for my workout. Only a little running. I was thinking to myself just how much of a difference losing 45lbs makes! It's freaking crazy! I know for a fact that I would never be able to do the stuff that I can do now if that weight was still on me. I am so thankful for my band. I love it! I am in love with it...we are getting married! Just don't tell my hubby :)
I really started noticing a difference last week while taking my Vitamin D. I wasnt as tired all the time and I actually was more productive at work. I have been so tired the last couple of days and I know it was because I stopped taking it this week. The last couple of days I have started to feel really sluggish and today very tired. So I will have to start taking it again. It really helps.

1.Are you a heavy or light sleeper?

I used to be a heavy sleeper but going through boot camp trashed that idea. I hate being a light sleeper it sucks!

2. If you were made into a professor for a day, what topic would you lecture on?
I'm not sure. I think I would focus somewhere in the military realm and help out all the new military wives. Teach them how to act as a wife and just the basics in making your way around base and the terminology. Just because it is such a different life.

3. What’s a skill you’ve always wanted that you don’t currently have?
I wish I could run forever! I wish I could be a in a marathon and win. I could probably some day get to the point to maybe do one but winning is a different story.

4. Have you ever been in a real cat fight?
Once in high school. A chick insulted my family and I was in a bad mood so I slammed her head into the window on the school bus. Never got in trouble for it. I don't know if you consider that a cat fight or not though.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.
In blog land everyone seems to be getting back on track with diet and excersize and shedding the weight. BOOBs is a huge topic still and people are starting to find room mates for the event. So looking forward to it!
In real life things are busy with work, working out and getting ready for classes to start next month. I have the candle party this weekend and a trainers appt. Hubby is doing great too he lost 2lbs this week! So excited for him! He is also starting his first semester at the same college I will be attending. Lots of stuff going on.

That's all for now my wonderful followers! I hope you all have a great weekend! I will hopefully be on tomorrow if I get a chance. Between the trainer at 1200 and a candle party at 1. I will do my best.


  1. Great post. I'm considering the Lapband myself. I'm glad it's working so well for you.

  2. Oh running - that's a great answer...I'm working on that! Love ya!

  3. Ahhh to educate the new military wives... what fun that would be. The most education I ever had as a new wife was from the CO's wife who stood up at a pre-deployment briefing and informed us that wives do one of two things during deployment - shop or cheat. Therefore the guys should be happy if the wives only shop. While I don't fully agree with her - since I find plenty of other things to do - I do remind Mr. Husband of that day when he starts lecturing me on my shopping habits, lol.