26 February 2011

Simple Saturday

I really don't know what to post today, so here are some random thoughts.

I love working out now. My normal Saturday before consisted of sleeping and laying about the house watching TV all day. I worked out this morning though and I feel fabulous! All the stuff they say about more energy, sleeping better and feeling better over all is true. I thought that working out would make it the opposite but nope, it's true! I did 30mins on the treadmill, 1500 meters on the row machine, 50 squat lifts with a 20lb barbell and 50 crunches. The last things were from my trainer. He likes to kick my behind quite a bit.

The cupcakes I made for the candle party today were great, Everyone loved them. I had part of one when they came out of the oven last night just to make sure they were cooked right. A hazelnut coffee cake with nutella for frosting. yummy!

We went and saw The Eagle with Channing Tatum. It was better then I thought it would be. I snuck in a turkey wrap to eat. I didn't have dinner since I was at the candle party so long today. I only had a bit because the wrapping was so loud in the theater that I just stop trying to eat it. More for later though :)

Last thought for the day...I love my husband. He is such a great man. He has been really helping me out with my workouts and being really supportive lately. Maybe I am just in a better mood from working out but life is really good right now in the Fat Wife household.

Hope you all have a great Sunday.



  1. Those cupcakes sound delicious. Can you share the recipe?

    Glad you're having a good weekend. :)

  2. It sounds like you had a great Saturday. I agree with you that it is the simple days that are great. It might be the workouts that are making you happy..I know I am edgy and have not been working out. I so need to get back to exercising! thanks for the further inspiration.


  3. Sounds like a great day! Good for you for working out so hard, that is very inspiring to me. I want to get to that point where I look forward to my workouts.

  4. I agree with you that working out makes you feel better. :)

  5. Loving to work out?! NSV-VILLE! :)

    Never EVER post that cupcake recipe where Ronnie can see. Is there a "Hide from Ronnie" button you could push? LOL I would make them and eat every single one myself. ;)

    Glad you had a fun day with the Hubs. I do love to see a married couple in love in this day and age. :)