24 February 2011

One Of Those Days

Today is just one of those morning were getting out of bed was a bad idea...
Every morning I have a routine. Flat iron..on. Toilet, scale (i know, bad), wash up, get dressed, do hair, do makeup, scent, teeth and take vitamins. Then I go downstairs and let the dog out then get my lunch and breakfast and snacks ready for the day. Most of the time my gym bag is ready the night before and have it sitting at the end of the bed.
This morning I get up and I am super sore from my workout yesterday of stair stepper and circuit training. I'm sure I looked like a little old lady trying to hobble to the bathroom. So not in a bad mood, just tired and normal morning bitchiness.
During my bathroom routine our kitten likes to lay in one of the sinks or on the drawer unit that stops at about boob height and chill with his mama in the morning. This morning he laid in my sink for all of a minute then started to try and dig in the sink. Cute...until he peed in my sink!!!! Seriously!? In my sink!? This set my routine off. My cat wanted the litter changed and apparently he was not taught subtlety by our older cat. I cleaned the sink. Yelled at my husband, who doesn't normally get out of bed till an hour after me, that the cat peed in the sink. Being the wonderful husband he is, he gets up and changes the cats litter for me. I think he didn't say a word to me because, well he knows morning me very well.
But really, in the freaking sink!?!
I don't get up in a decent amount of time that if something goes different I wont be late for work. I am a horrible morning person. So I ran down stairs forgetting my socks and had to go back upstairs. Let the dog out, forgot the dog outside until I noticed he wasn't trying to trip me on the way out the door. Then I forgot my gym bag. At least I remembered my food for the day.
Then on the way to work I got cut off twice in less then 5 minutes of driving! Once I get to work I get the spot I am trying to park in stolen by one of the cars who cut me off on the way to work!! At this point I am ready to just throw in the towel and say screw this I'm not working today. Of course I just walk into work anyway. At 0615 I get into work and there are already 3 people waiting to get seen by our Doc and we have a full schedule. Just what I need to make my day. I am still feeling the effects from our families dog having to be put down yesterday too.
This day so far has not been very nice to me. I know its not a horrible day in the scheme of things, but I wish it would be better.

I am going running again tonight and am looking so forward to that. It is truly the one time of the day when I can just focus on me and making myself better. Just me and my sneakers. I guess the hubby will be there too.
I hope you all are having a better day then me today.

*Big hugs and lots of love*

For all of you who are going to the BOOBs event I am thinking about making glass tile necklaces with the logo in them to sell as a neat way to raise money to go. If any of you would be interested in the idea let me know. here is the idea of what they would be, just picture the BOOBs logo. Pass this on so I can get a good amount of input. Thanks :)


  1. I'm sorry you're having a rough day. Did you swat kitty on the nose for peeing in your sink?! I would have.

    Good hubby for changing the litter without complaint, though. :)

  2. Hope your day goes better. I had one of those days with my kidney stones yesterday. :)

  3. Sorry you had such a bad start to your day.

    My cat just flicks the litter out of the box when he wants it. Ahhh the joys of cats.

  4. Awww I'm sorry to hear your day started out bad, I hope it gets better!

  5. You're so creative...those are adorable. And WOW - I want to crawl into bed just reading about your day. Keep your head up babe...you got this. You dealt with a gliche in the plan and you STILL RAN. That is a success in my book.

  6. The pendant is cute.

    sounds like your morning was crappy..but I would rather they pee in the sink than carpet but the litter box is far better than both. Your husband was nice to take care of it :)