06 February 2011

Reset Button

I am hitting the reset button today. This morning the scale read 312.2. The only thing I have done right this week is drink my water. I got a nifty new filter bottle :)Talk about your set backs though. I will not make excuses this time, like so many times in the past. I will not push the blame onto someone else, like so many times in the past. I will not fool myself and hide from the scale, like so many times in the past. My solution: I went to my "spots" (you know those spots that you put stuff that no one else can find) and threw out my half eaten bag of resses mini cups. I will avoid eating out at all costs. NO SODA!! I will restart logging my food on my Lose It ipod app. I will reschedule with my trainer because I had to cancel due to the blizzard here. Set backs like the one I had this week are not in the plan if I want to be down 60lbs by my 6yr anniversary. I know I am only human and we all slip up from time to time, but I don't want to be that person again. I have been in that place so many time when I hit 40lbs and everything all goes to hell. In my head all I am picturing is the little devil being picked up and flicked across the room lol. Overall though I had a fun weekend though. On Friday night the hubby and I went for dinner (fried fish and fruit) and drinks (2 huge cranberry and vodka). Then bowling for about an hour. ( I ate the leftovers when we got home :( Yesterday I did good until dinner (meatloaf and parmesan potatoes with biscuits, cant forget the gravy) We had friends over and I drank a couple pineapple, 7up and vodka drinks. We were up till about 3am. Today for the hangover cure that I never get we all went to Denny's. anyone here of the Meat trio? Chicken fried steak, bacon, sausage with eggs, hash browns and an English muffin (with hot chocolate). I didn't eat it all there but I just ate the leftovers about an hour ago. Also for lunch I had a breaded and fried leftover piece of that meatloaf. There you all have it in full food glory. I am not hiding behind my computer screen and pretend that everything was peaches and cream while my weight doesn't change on the ticker. Hopefully on Saturday I can report a back to 309 weight or lower. Hope you all had a great weekend, see you all in blog land tomorrow :) Oh I almost forgot. GO PACK GO!!! Update: PACKERS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!! AAAAAA!!!!!!!!


  1. I think you are repositioning yourself to do great. You have done great so far. 40 lbs is not chump change...that reflects a lot of work!

  2. I'm in the same boat. Water has been good, except yesterday when I had exactly none. Everything else not so much.

    Sounds like you've taken good steps to get back on the right track. You'll have a great week! :)

  3. Hold on to the positive..and sweep the negatives away. I have totally been there and would probably go there again with out this little beauty I have sitting in my belly right now. Yours will get better and better...just hang on until it starts doing its job. keep on getting fills and changing one habit at a time.

    The drinks...if you are mixing at home swap out the full sugar 7-up for diet. It will save you afew calories and the fruit juice makes it sweet and syrupy.

    I know you can do it!!


  4. Setbacks are normal, we all have em! Just get back on your diet, and you'll be back down before you know it. :)