01 February 2011

Snowmagedon 2011 part 2

I posted this in 2 parts because I cant figure out how to do everything I want in one post. I have a vlog here and video and pictures below. sorry about the ragged look. :) I have to give the hubby some due props because he takes on the shoveling like a champ. Him being from Oregon has never seen anything like this before. I think part of him gets a thrill out of it while the other part is saying please don't get frostbite. So lots of love to my man, because I wont get out there and shovel.


  1. Crappity!! that is a boatload of snow!! The weather is cold out here in the wilds of Oregon :) and I was moaning about it but 46 is not a blizzard!!! good luck with the snow pile and getting some melt soon.

    shoveling snow is great exercise :)

  2. Lack of style, my butt! You look super cute! Love the hair! Great vlog. :)

    So glad I'm in Texas. We actually got about 2 inches of snow, but mostly ice. :( And of course none of us hicks know how to drive on it! DARNIT!