04 February 2011

Iron Superbowl

Happy Friday everyone. I am so tired I hurt! A couple week ago I told you all that I started taking vitamin D to help with weight loss and being tired all the time. Well I don't think it's working. Mainly because this morning I am so tired I hurt and feel nauseous. It's horrible. All I want to do is curl up in a little ball and go back to sleep. The last couple of days I have slept more than I usually do in a week I think. I think I am going to go have some labs drawn to see if I am fighting with my anemia again. By symptoms it makes sense but by diet it doesn't make any sense. I have been consuming 50 or more grams of protein a day. I know this doesn't account for iron levels but one can hope. So I will see how things go and make an appointment with my family practice doctor. I love her! She is awesome, unfortunately she leaves to go to her next duty station in June :( so sad.
The Superbowl is this weekend!!! GO PACK GO!!! I have decided that even if the packers don't win the Superbowl it's ok because we beat the Bears!! Yes I went there lol.


  1. Maybe you're getting a good enough protein intake but not enough calories? :( I don't know what might be going on! Are you taking multivitamins?

  2. Protein is good! Hope you find the right levels for you!
    What about fat?
    We need some fat to process the fat-soluble vitamins!

  3. I have been taking my vitamins and everything and i think my fat levels r ok actually. I stopped taking my iron after surgery because i coulndt do solids. Who knows. Thanks for all the well wishes :)

  4. I hope you figure out what it is...being tired is a huge pain!! The number one best weightloss benefit I have had is getting energy back! Sorting out whatever is causing your current problems and the rest of your band journey should be huge in that department.

    Do they have liquid iron tables you can take? Most of my drugs these days are in liquid form.


  5. Hi there - new follower. Nice to find someone who was banded only 6 weeks before me. Very interesting to follow your journey. Hope you feel better soon. I starting to understand all the changes needed with this journey. You're doing so well :)