10 February 2011

Training Day

I promised all of you I would tell you how my session with the personal trainer went......I loved it!!! The lady I have is amazing. She is personable and willing to push me. I even told her that I had WLS and she was supportive of it. She went through some of the weight machines that she wants me to do on my own 2-3 days a week, the machines aren't her norm so she wanted me to have a good base to strength train separately. That took up most of the session, and at the end we did step-up (that's what I am calling them). You step up onto a platform that is just below knee high and bring your other knee up to your chest as far as you can. Those are killer!!! Today I am so sore. I love that sore feeling because it means that I did everything I could and then some. I got there early to do a warm up on the elliptical. Great NSV moment for me! I did 2 miles in 25mins! I know that doesn't sound like allot but I haven't been able to get 2miles in under 30mins in a long time. I am so proud of that! So other then the trainer not to much going on today. Another day at work, another dollar earned. It's only Thursday, I was really hoping it was Friday this morning when I woke up. Oh well. I wish I could work from home and set my own hours. How awesome would that be! I hope you all have a great day. I will be drifting around blog land through out the day. p.s. I just wanted to add that after my workout I felt amazing! I was all happy and relaxed! I love that feeling! I used to get like that when I would work out while I was in the navy and I am so happy that it's back!!

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  1. Its always such a good feeling once you are done with working out. I have started running, and keep waiting on getting that damn runners high that everyone talks about...I havent found it yet but I will keep you posted.