15 February 2011

It's About Damn Time!!

The scale is back on the move with a loss of 1 full pound!!!!! bring my total to 41.6lbs lost! It's about time it started moving again. It's nice to know that all the hard work I have been putting into it is finally going to start paying off. I am less then 9lbs to be back into the 200's. Since I am so tall I think of the 200's as my onederland. Yes I would love to weight 180lbs and I see people all the time who are the same height as me who even weight less then that but at 6'2" I would be damn happy to reach 200 even. Right now that is my goal. Short term I can't wait to see my "onederland" It's been 5yrs since I was there and I can't wait to know what it feels like again. I have noticed throughout blog land that allot of you are struggling right now. I just want to tell you all to hang in there. We are all inspiration to each other as we share our ups and our downs. We celebrate together and we mourn together. We are stronger together then apart. You can lean on each other and ask for help when you need it. So stay in the game lady's and gentlemen your struggles are only temporary. At the chance of being horribly cheesy, you can lean on me :) I have a ton of respect and love for all of you!


  1. Congrats on the loss, sweetie! :) I hope I can do that well at this week's weigh-in (wow, I just went all Biggest Loser on your comments)! Somebody else was blogging about being in the 200's and she called it Twonesia, not exactly sure who said it (OOPS! SORRY!), but I thought it was cute. :)

    Either way, you'll be seeing it very shortly! I can't wait to celebrate with you!!

  2. I'm right there with you, I started my band journey at 409. It's been a long journey through the 300's. I'm at 323 right now and I'm going to be so HAPPY to hit the 200's.

    Ronnie - I think that was Babbles from a Bandster that called it Twonesia!

  3. So glad you persevered and the scale is being kind again!

  4. You're so sweet - and YAY on the loss! Keep it up! I'm off to the treadmill RIGHT NOW!

  5. Wow...that's awesome progress! I'm a new reader and I'm really psyched to follow you on your journey.

  6. Yay - it's not so easy to hang in there
    when the scale isn't moving....
    but that's ok....
    it's not about the scale!
    It's something much bigger and more worth the effort!