17 February 2011

Gurgle Gurgle

Life had me stressing yesterday, the stress led to a candy bar, which led to guilt which led to all the other little things that add up to being way over my calorie limit. I really have to deal with the guilt and not let it get to me. Thankfully this morning I was not up on the scale. It seems that ever since my body has gotten used to the lower calorie intake even if I only eat 150cals over my limit I will gain like no tomorrow. I am still in bandster hell...and I don't like it. I feel like I am on a diet and its getting really hard at this point. I ordered myself some more Unjury protein powder. I find that out of the ones I have tried I can tolerate there protein the most. So I am going to try doing the same thing I did pre-op. 1000cal liquid protein diet. Just to try and get me back on the right track. I want to cleanse my body again and start over. Here is the plan: 3 protein shakes a day 60-80g a day chicken broth sugar free jello sugar free pudding NO MORE THEN 1000CALS A DAY Take in about a gallon of water a day (4 liters) I will go at that for 2 weeks and see were it puts me. It will be a few days till I start just because I have to wait for my protein to get to me and I only ordered it last night. I have my 3rd fill tonight!! I am going to ask for a good amount. I hope I get another 1.2cc. Right now I have 4.5 in my 10cc band. I really hope I start feeling that restriction soon! I will know better tomorrow morning I guess. Last night I was watching TV with my husband and he had is head on my stomach. all of a sudden he says "wow your stomach is loud". We had just finished eating dinner about 10mins before. I explained to him that my stomach is more noisy now with the band. He continued to argue with my stomach because he couldn't here the movie. He is so funny sometimes.


  1. I just learned how important it is to get enough protein.
    I started out low and had to go up....
    especially in the absence of fats and carbs.
    Just asking!?
    Good luck - can't wait to see how it goes for you!

  2. Hi Shannon! Bandster hell is the worst but don't worry TOO much, once you get restriction the weight will come off much easier.

    Don't let me scare you from Boot Camp! It'll be worth it in the end.

  3. Sounds like a plan. Hope it helps you get to where you want...........Maybe I should try that diet for a few days.

  4. 3-5 fills is average so fingers crossed!