08 February 2011

Rambling Questions

Well hello all! I know I have been posting at weird times lately. We have been swamped at work the last couple of days.
I cheated today and stepped on the scale. I'm back to 310.4 today so I am slowly getting back on an even keel. I rescheduled my personal trainer appointment for tomorrow at 4pm. I am really nervous about getting my butt kicked around. After having to cancel last week it was kinda a relief. Now I am in panic mode again kinda. It's completely different to work out at home doing cardio and a little weight stuff. I will let you all know how things go tomorrow when I am done.
Just to change things up a bit I am going answer 5 questions and would like you all to do the same. I am trying to get to know all of you the best I can since we are one big family in blog land :)
1.) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I'm not sure were I will be living but I hope to a wonderful thin version of myself with 1 kid and another on the way, with my wonderful hubby.
2.) How happy are you with your appearance? On a scale of 1-10 I would probably say a 4. I have gotten better over the last 40lbs but there is still tons of room for improvement.
3.) What is the one thing you wish you could change about yourself? I wish I could have a more free spirit like I did as a teenager. I have changed a ton since high school and I am held back allot by my weight emotionally. Physically the change will come but I have to work hard on the mental part.
4.) What is the one thing you like most about yourself? I would have to say my eyes. I have always like there shade of brown quite a bit.
5.) What is the one thing you regret the most in your life? Hurting the people I love the most. If I could take those moments I would in a heartbeat.
Now it's your turn :)


  1. Love the list! I'll have to give some thought to those questions...

  2. Hi Shannon! I have followed you :) Glad I found your blog. I really like the song you've got embedded on here too... Good for you that you got the lapband at age 24! I wish I had been able to do it that early in life...I got mine just 6 months ago at 32.

  3. Hi Shannon! Drop by my blog if you haven't already, there's some info you'll want to see posted there. :)